A New Trend of Kate Middleton’s Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

A New Trend of Kate Middleton’s Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Blue sapphire diamond ring sale is rising due to the royal wedding of England. The engagement ring given to Prince William to Kate, who is also a ring belonging to Princess Diana, is a 18 carat blue sapphire ring surrounded by 14 diamonds worth 28,000 pounds. Not only romantic, this ring is also a symbol of love and respect of the Prince of United Kingdom to his late mother. Ahead of the wedding on April 29, 2014, Kate Middleton body got slimmer. With the shrinking of the body weight, the Princess of Wales-to-be has asked the expert royal jeweler to adjust the two beads in the blue sapphire diamond ring to avoid slipping from her ring finger. Kate, who looks increasingly slim, had a ring made smaller because she was afraid of the ring, will fall when she married William. She does not want if the dazzling blue diamond sapphire ring is too large for the size of her ring finger when the wedding day arrives. Kate has asked a jeweler to attach two small platinum beads, which is named “speed bumps,” to the inside bottom of the ring. That would make the size of the ring width one level of her finger to make sure it remains comfortable. This platinum beads will make her really looks charming and do not want to cause a fuss. A nightmare for the bride is when she looking down and seeing her ring has fallen from his fingers.

For your information, the blue sapphire diamond ring, worn by Kate, was come from Sri Lanka. Precious Stones and Jewelry Association of Sri Lanka has no doubt about Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring comes from that country over 30 years ago. The gemstones trader from Sri Lanka said that the request of the blue sapphire has been rise due to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Other precious stones from Sri Lanka include ruby and cat’s eye, but the most famous is the sapphire of Sri Lanka, especially the blue, although there are also yellow and pink sapphires.

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Now that heritage ring is so often imitated by the people. Because this blue sapphire diamond ring is a kind of typical British classic precious stones and worn by almost all the Queen of England from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth. One of the ring “imitators” was made a low cost blue sapphire diamond ring. They set the ring price to $ 55, so the people who want to have the engagement ring of Kate and William do not necessary to spend lot of money. On the ring package, there is information that says that the ring is a copy of the engagement ring of Kate and William. But instead of sapphire, they use pale blue crystals. In terms of design, the artificial ring exactly likes the original. The imitation blue sapphire diamond rings are produced in China, saying that what they did was to fulfill the dream of the girl. Every girl, every woman can become a princess.

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